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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group

       Blue Canyon        

Blue Canyon is the closest dark sky observing location available to us. It is about an hour's drive north, up I-80.
Canyon is a Forest Service Airfield just off the highway. The airfield altitude is about 5000' so it gets cold - even in the summer, so be sure to dress warm, in layers.

LHAG occasionally sponsors an evening of observing at Blue Canyon. Blue Canyon is not open to the general public.
Use of the grounds requires a
Special Use Permit, which LHAG does not have. We instead coordinate with one of two other permit holders to go up to Blue Canyon as their guests. Some of our members are also Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society (SVAS) members and can take guests.
So, if you would like to visit Blue Canyon for a night of observing, please contact any member of the Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Map and Directions to Blue Canyon