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                  Cosmology Interest Group

                        Information Sheet



The purpose of the Cosmology Group (CIG) is to provide a forum for learning and

discussing cosmology; the study of the origin, characteristics, and fate of the

universe or universes. The CIG provides an excellent opportunity for those who

have an interest in astronomy/cosmology to learn and also meet and discuss ideas

with others having like interests. Mathematics is purposely minimized and is not

required to understand the concepts.



The Cosmology Interest Group was established as a Special Interest Group

within the Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group (LHAG).


Meeting Content

The CIG currently meets once per month. Currently the meeting includes a DVD

video lecture on Black Holes (first half hour). This is followed by a structured question

and answer period and member discussion emphasizing key points in the video

(second half hour).  Loaner DVDs are available for missed sessions or for the review

of topics. The second hour consists of discussion of recent articles or papers on the

subject of cosmology.


Meeting Location and Time

The meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month. The meetings run from

6:45 PM to 8:45 PM in the Fine Arts Room at Orchard Creek Lodge.


For More Information

Call Morey Lewis at 408-4469 or email him at mailto:eunmor@pobox.com

Or email Ron Olson at mailto:rolson@starstream.net

Go to the LHAG website http://www.lhag.org