LHAG "Exploring the Night Sky" Class

Fall 2009

To view a copy of the Sessions 1 - 3 and 5 presentations, click the link below to download a PDF file.

To get a copy of the Course Evaluation Form in Microsoft Word format click here, or on the link after the presentations

If you do not have software that will read PDF files, click here to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The size of "Orientation to the Night Sky"  PDF file is approximately 8 MB, downloading via a high-speed internet connection is recommended.  With a high-speed internet connection the download time is less than 60 seconds.


Session 1 Presentation

  • "Orientation to the Night Sky"  (, PDF )

Session 2 Presentation

  • "The Solar System"  (,PDF)

Session 3 Presentation

  • "Telescopes and Binoculars"  (PDF)

  • "Beyond the Stars"  (PDF)

Session 4 Star Party Photos

  • "Star Party at Blue Canyon"  (To Be Supplied)

Session 5 Presentation

  • "Our Place in the Universe"  (To Be Supplied)

Course Evaluation Form

  • "Course Evaluation Form"  (, Word )