Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group (LHAG)

Member Roster - Email Policy





Use and distribution of the LHAG membership roster, including partial information from the roster, shall be restricted to use by the members of the Steering Committee for official LHAG purposes only. Specifically, no information from the LHAG roster, including email addresses, shall be made available for any commercial or political use. The LHAG email list may not be used by any member or non-member to promote personal causes not related to the purpose of the LHAG. The use of the membership roster and information must also conform to SCLHCA policies.


Selected LHAG Member Information may be provided to LHAG Members designated by the Steering Committee for the purpose of performing assigned responsibilities (e.g. Treasurer, Communications Committee) or coordinating LHAG related activities (e.g. Star Parties, social events, etc.)