Lincoln Hills Astronomy Shared Interest Group


Past Meetings and Events




                    This meeting  featured demonstrations by TIG members on how to use several different "Astronomy Apps" and a description of the "Golden State Star Party: observing event in northern California

         Our Lunar Goddess Nina Mazzo moved out from Earths' Moon and explored 10 strange moons in our solar system in a very interesting presentation 


         “DVD Lecture series "Black Holes Explained" Professor Alex Filippenko, Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley,

            The talk began with the history of what we  know about gravity and how it has affected almost everything we see in the night sky both with the naked eye and through telescopes.



Members gathered  to view the planets, stars and deep sky objects at our Rossi Lane viewing site in Lincoln Hills. 

  •  Morey Lewis conducted a review and disussion about the most recent lectures in this series
  • Morey Lewis conducted a review and disussion about the most recent 10 lectures in this series

     “What’s New in Astronomy  John Neil presented new information about the composition of asteroids

        “What’s New in Astronomy”. Nina Mazzo presented an update on the Dawn Mission to the dwarf planet Ceres.

  • Lecture discussion/Q&A.












Can you point to it in the night sky?

The mythology, history, location and astronomical (not astrological) features of the twelve constellations of the zodiac were discussed. Emphasis was on those visible in the winter and spring night sky.

            Carol took took the audience on  a beginners ride through the dynamic winter sky,  exploring some facts and some lore about the constellations and their brightest stars.


             Don took us on a journey through time, space and energy to show how, when and where water in its many forms is distributed throughout the entire             solar system as a dynamic process in equilibrium and producing life.   Don  also critiqued his recent participation in the “Twilight Zone”: COSMO             2006, where top cosmologists and particle physicists from aroundthe world met at their tenth annual Conference on Particle Physics and the Early                 Universe." 

The Star Party was cancelled due to cloudy weather.  The following presentations were given instead of the Star Party

 1.     Demonstration of the shifting of the path of the sun (ecliptic) between seasons   - John Combes

2.    A short presentation on the upcoming transit of Mercury across the sun (Nov 8) -- Joel Thomas  This is an event that will be viewed in small         telescopes with solar filters.

3.      A presentation on "Modern Telescope Features" - Ron Olson
        This presentation will describe features in modern telescopes for amateurs which enable easy location and viewing of thousands of celestial               objects