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STEM Expo Science Fair Judges - March 2012
Joel Thomas and Dave Wood

From: Tom Toy <ttoy@wpusd.k12.ca.us>
To: ; Joel Thomas; Dave Wood
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Subject: Re: STEM Judging info

Dear Judges,
Your title is official now.  Thanks for your wonderful efforts during this past Saturday's STEM Expo.  The kiddos were beaming during the awards ceremony and again when the 2nd and 3rd place finishners went out and saw their projects decorated with a medal. 
I had many students extend thank yous for the opportunity to be involved in the competition and meet individuals of your caliber. One student made the suggestions of having a judges panel next year to give you the chance to share some of the research or projects that has shaped your science career.
Lastly, one of the highlights for next year will be the STEM Expo Science Fair affiliate status. This means that our top finishners will move on to the National Science Fair. So keep sharpening those rubric skill.
Let  me know any suggestions that would make your job easier for the 3rd annual STEM Expo.  I have already signed you up.  I will let you know the dates as soon as they are secured.
Thomas Toy
Science Educator
Twelve Bridges Elementary
Lincoln, CA
Sunset Ranch Elementary School -- March 2012   3rd Grade Class

"The Solar System and Beyond" John Combes and Carol Witten

Hi John,

I want to thank, you and Carol again for the awesome presentation today!  That was great!

Have a great week!

Take Care,

Erin Henshaw

Science Technician

Sunset Ranch Elementary
Twelve Bridges Elementary School Star Party -- Nov 10, 2010

Dear Nina and Sun City Astronomy Club Volunteers,

Thank you so much for your time and effort last week for our TBE Star Party!  I have heard nothing but rave reviews from our parents and students and I want you to know what a positive impact it had on our families.

Events like this Star Party leave lasting impressions on our students and we never know who might be inspired to become an astronomer someday!  Thank you for your willingness to serve our students in such a great way.

We hope to have you all back for future events as I know our families will be eager to look to the stars again very soon!


Mr. Jeremy Lyche - Principal
Twelve Bridges Elementary School -  Home of the Tigers!
(916) 434-5220
"You never quite know the moment in a child's life when you'll make a difference for a lifetime."  Author Unk

Astro Kids graphicMr. Toy and the space station staff would like to thank the Sun City Astronomy Club volunteers, parents, students and the weather for making our first "family science night" a great success!  Around 150 people braved the cold night to attend a planetarium show, observe Jupiter, the moon and galaxies through telescopes and listened to a real NASA scientist give a brief presentation about galaxies.  Everyone that attended left feeling starry eyed about the world around them.
We want to send out a special thank you to Lauren Santoro for helping with sign-ups, Nina Mazzo and five fellow astronomers from the Sun City Astronomy Club, Dr. David Wood who is a retired NASA scientist, and Lloyd Townsend one of our TBE dads who brought a large telescope.  We also want to thank you to the PTC for funding part of this event.  Our next family science night will take place in early Spring.
SCLH Nurses Group - Nov 13, 2010

"Hi Tom and Joel,
A warm round of applause to both of you from our Lincoln Hills Nurses' Group for the wonderful presentation and star-gazing event.  Our membership loved it and we are thrilled to now be armed with some basic knowledge of what we see when we look at the night skies.