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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group

Cosmology Interest Group

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The Cosmology Interest Group is a sub-group of the Lincoln Hills
Astronomy Group.
We meet to
to provide a forum for learning and discussing
cosmology, the study of the origin, characteristics, and fate of
universe or universes. The CIG provides an excellent
opportunity for those who
have an interest in astronomy/cosmology
to learn about, as well as to meet and discuss ideas
with others having
like interests. Mathematics is purposely minimized and is not
to understand the concepts.

We meet on the third Monday of the month
in the OC Fine Arts Room
No meeting in December

Our Next Meeting
Monday June 19, 2017
6:45 - Fine Arts Room at Orchard Creek Lodge

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This month we will be wrapping up our study of black holes.

Instead of showing a DVD lecture, this CIG meeting will be  bringing Black hole Theory up to date since Filippenko made the DVD. Internet videos will be shown to explain Quantum Entanglement and the problems created in explaining the Black hole Information Paradox and the controversial Firewall Effect.

See our current schedule below

The Cosmology Interest Group was founded by Morey Lewis and Ron Olson
If you have any questions about this group you can contact them at:
  Morey Lewis
eunmor@pobox.com 408-4469 or Ron Olson rolson@starstream.net 408-1435

  Jim Kelley is our current lecture moderator 

January 16   "Black Holes Explained"  DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
- Lecture 06 "Quasars - Feasting Supermassive Black Holes"
- Lecture 07 "Gravitational Waves - Ripples in Space-Time"
  Q&A and Discussion
February 20  "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
- Lecture 08  "The Wildest Ride in the Universe"
  Problems with the Audio/visual equipment only allowed us to cover one lecture
  Q&A and Discussion  
March 20      "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
- Lecture 09  "Shortcuts Through the Universe and Beyond"
  Again we were plagued with technical difficulties and only one lecture was covered
  Q&A and Discussion
April 17        "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
- Lecture 10   "Stephen Hawking and Black Hole Evaporation"
  Q&A and Discussion
May 15         "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
- Lecture 11   "Black Holes and the Holographic Universe"
  Q&A and Discussion
June 19      
- Quantum
Entanglement, The Black Hole Information Paradox and the   
   Firewall Effect

  Q&A and Discussion

July 17
No Meeting
August 21

September 18

October 16

November 20

December 18
No Meeting