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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group

Cosmology Interest Group

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The Cosmology Interest Group is a sub-group of the Lincoln Hills
Astronomy Group.
We meet to
to provide a forum for learning and discussing
cosmology, the study of the origin, characteristics, and fate of
universe or universes. The CIG provides an excellent
opportunity for those who
have an interest in astronomy/cosmology
to learn about, as well as to meet and discuss ideas
with others having
like interests. Mathematics is purposely minimized and is not
to understand the concepts.

We usually meet on the third Monday of the month
in the OC Fine Arts room 6:45 PM, but be sure
to check the schedule below for any changes or additions

Our Next Meeting
January 21, 2019 at 6:45 PM
  Ed Miller continues his lecture series on Radio Astronomy with:
Lecture #7 Tour of the Green Bank Observatory
    The Green Bank Observatory is located within the 13,000-acre
    National Radio Quiet Zone straddling the border of Virginia and West
    Virginia. Come tour this fascinating facility where astronomers
    discovered radiation belts around Jupiter, the black hole at the
    center of our galaxy, and the first known interstellar organic
    molecule, and began the search for extra-terrestrial life.

    Lecture #8 Tour of the Green Bank Telescope
    At 17 million pounds, and with more than 2,000 surface panels that
    can be repositioned in real time, this telescope is one of the
    largest moveable, land-based objects ever built. The dish could
    contain two side-by-side football fields, but when its panels are
    brought into focus, the surface has errors no larger than the
    thickness of a business card. Welcome to this rare insider's view. 

CIG Page Image

January 21
Lecture #7 Tour of the Green Bank Observatory
Lecture #8 Tour of the Green Bank Telescope

The Cosmology Interest Group was founded by Morey Lewis and Ron Olson
If you have any questions about this group you can contact them at:
  Morey Lewis
eunmor@pobox.com 408-4469 or Ron Olson rolson@starstream.net 408-1435