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The Cosmology Interest Group is a sub-group
of the Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group. 
in the form of a lecture or video series, focusing
some aspect of cosmology; followed by a spirited discussion.  There is no need to be proficient in math
or physics formulas.  We try to keep things as simple
as possible, so everyone can grasp the topic being presented.  This is a fun group with lots very smart members to answer just about any questions you

may have about the cosmos.
For more
information contact
Morey Lewis at

Our Next Meeting

Monday October 21 at 6:45 PM, join us
the Orchard Creek Fine Arts room, where Ed Miller
will conclude his DVD series on radio astronomy
with lectures:

#23 Interstellar Chemistry and Life
Interstellar clouds favor the formation of
carbon based molecules over any other kind,
not at all what statistical models had predicted.
In fact, interstellar clouds contain a profusion of
chemicals similar to those that occur naturally on
Earth. If planets are formed in this rich soup of
organic molecules, is it possible life does not
have to start from scratch on each planet?

  #24 The Future of Radio Astronomy
Learn about the newest radio telescopes and
the exhilarating questions they plan to address:
Did life begin in space? What about dark matter?
And a new question that has just arisen in the past
few years: What are fast radio bursts?  No matter
how powerful these new telescopes become, radio
astronomers will continue pushing the limits to
tell us more and more about the universe
that is our home.

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Dark Matter

April 15
#13 The Big Bang: The Oldest Radio Waves
#14 H II Regions and the Birth of Stars
May 20
#15 Supernovas and the Death of Stars
#16 Radio Stars and Early Interferometers
June 17
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#18 Active Galactic Nuclei and the VLA
July 15
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August 19
#19 A Telescope as Big as the Earth
#20 Galaxies and Their Gas
September 16
#21 Interstellar Molecular Clouds
#22 Star Formation and ALMA
October 21
#23 Interstellar Chemistry and Life
#24 The Future of Radio Astronomy
No Meeting
December 1
Holiday luncheon in the Solarium.
January 20
Beginning of a new series entitled "Introduction to Astrophysics".