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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group

Telescope Interest Group

Ranny and Ron
 The Telescope Interest Group is a sub-group of the Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group.
We concentrate on aspects of using and owning a personal
telescope - from researching your purchase, through learning
how to operate your new eye on the Universe. In addition
 to lectures focusing on telescopes and astronomy in general,
we host frequent star parties for observing the night sky and
other special celestial events.

We usually meet on the fourth Thursday of the month
in the OC Multi-media room 6:45 PM, but be sure
to check the schedule below for any changes or additions.
If we have a star party scheduled and it is cancelled for
weather, we will still try to have a meeting on the regular
night in the Multi-media room.

Our Next Meeting
We have been invited by Richard Sandler to come up and observe at Blue Canyon on May 17th. Sunset is at about 8:15 PM so be sure to arrive no later than that. Please be very cautious about using headlights on the tarmac after sunset. For a map - click on the link in the calendar below.

   Contact Bob Collins at bobpcoll@community.net
for more information.


The Telescope Interest Group was founded by Bob Collins and Ron Olson
If you have any questions about this group you can contact them at:
Bob Collins
bobpcoll@community.net 253-9890 or Ron Olson  rolson@starstream.net 408-1435

January 25 
This month we will looking at
Astronomy Applications and Ron Olson will explore Messier Deep Sky Objects

February 22
Lunar observing at the Sports Pavilion at 6:45 PM.
Cancelled. Instead we will have a program in the OC Multi-media room. Ron Yelton presenting.

March 22
The Amos Star Party has been cancelled due to weather. We will meet instead in the OC Multi-media Room at 6:45 for a talk by Ron Yelton.
Bob Collins for info:  bobpcoll@community.net
April 26 indoor class cancelled
We've added a Star Party on the 19th at the Sports Pavilion. Sunset is at 7:45 PM. Star Party cancelled.
Contact Bob Collins for more Info:
May 24
We've added a Star Party at Blue Canyon on May 17th. Sunset is at 8:12 PM. We will be guests of Richard Sandler. For more information contact Bob Collins. 
For a map to Blue Canyon click here

June 28
We've added a Star Party at the Model Airplane Field on June 14th. Sunset is at 8:34 PM. Click this link for a map to the field.  Model Airplane Field
Bob Collins for info:  bobpcoll@community.net
No Meeting
August 23
We've added a Star Party on the 16th at the Sports Pavilion. Sunset is at 7:48 PM.
For more info:
September 27
We've added a trip to Cameron Park on September 13th.
Contact Bob Collins if you would like to sign up for this fun evening trip.
October 25
We've added a Star Party on October 11th at the Sports Pavilion. Sunset is at 6:13.
Contact Bob Collins for more info.
November 08
Star Party at the Sports Pavilion. We will begin
observing at 4:30 PM.

No Meeting