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Meeting Schedule and Events
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Presentation Hall at the Kilaga Springs Lodge
at 6:45 PM.

2017 Schedule
January 4     "Mysterious Moons in our Solar System"
Our very own "Moon Goddess," Nina Mazzo, moves out from Earths' Moon to explore 10 strange moons in our Solar System.

February 1    "Variable Stars" by Bill Goff (AAVSO)
Bill is from the American Association of Variable Star Observers and will present a talk about variable stars and what we learn from them.

March 1    "Dark Skies - Why Light Pollution Affects You" by Jack Sales of the
International Dark-Sky Association
Jack will talk about preserving our dark skies as well as how light pollution affects our circadian rhythms and the hormonal cycles of all living things.

April 5   This month will feature a video by Prof. Alex Filippenko
Prof. Filippenko will describe the colors of the sky, sun, moon and stars at sunrise and sunset and what causes them. Learn about surprising things you can see with your naked eye during sunrise and sunset as well as other interesting
atmospheric phenomena. Why the length of day and night is different in summer vs winter. Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal Equinox, Solstice and the  midnight sun.
May 3   "In Search of Dark Matter" by Aaron Manalaysay
Aaron will describe the Large Underground Xenon Experiment.
Cosmology's Big Bang Theory requires that 80% of the matter in the universe must be Dark Matter. Aaron will describe the results of the of this search for Dark Matter. 
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