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General Meeting


The Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
general meetings provide residents, from

beginners to experts, with a forum to increase their
knowledge in astronomy, and to meet
people with
like interests.

General meetings
begin with an informal,
"What's New in Astronomy",  followed by
main presentation, and finish with an informal Q & A
Meetings are supplemented with our annual
planetarium trip.
For more information contact
Bill Weaver at hamweaver@wavecable.com.
Our Next Meeting

All future Astronomy Group general meetings
have been cancelled until SCLH reopens our meeting
facilities.  The meeting calendar will be updated at
that time.


January 8, 2020
John Combes will present, “Numbers, Time and the Vastness of Space”.  A look at our home planet and how it measures up to its place in our Solar System, our home Milky Way Galaxy, and the myriad of galaxies that make up the visible universe.
February 5, 2020
Carla LaFave will discuss the Parker Solar Probe's latest findings. The probe is on a seven year mission to unlock the mysteries of the Sun.  Afterward, Ron Yelton will show some of the  dramatic astro photography taken on his recent trip to Arizona.
March 4, 2020
In March 2013 Dr. Charles Hunt went to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.  He arrived at the same time as particles from a coronal mass ejection. The result was "Fire in the Sky".  Come and learn all there is to know about the Aurora Borealis.
April 1
Anthony Oreglia will present, "US mission to explore the planets", an overview of the space missions that have gone to the planets in our solar system and the results of those missions.
May 6
Mark Miller will talk about the Apollo 11 mission guidance computer.  This revolutionary computer made autonomous travel to the moon not only possible but added profoundly to crew safety, flight profile accuracy, and mission flexibility.
June 3
TBD, but will be in the Orchard Creek Ballroom.
On Vacation.

August 5
September  2
October 7

November 4
December 6
Holiday luncheon in the Solarium.