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General Meeting


The Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group general
meetings provide residents, from
beginners to experts,
with a forum to increase their knowledge in astronomy,
and to meet
people with like interests.  General meetings

begin with an informal "What's New in Astronomy",
followed by
the main presentation, and finish with an
informal Q & A session.
Meetings are supplemented
with our annual
planetarium trip.  For more
information contact John Combes at
Our Next Meeting
There will be no general meeting in July.
Wednesday August 7
at 7:00 PM.  Join us at the
Sierra College Planetarium for a program on black
  There will be a five dollar fee to attend, but
the program is
open to all Sun City Lincoln Hills
residents.  For a map,
click here.



January 2
Professor Charles Hunt will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about France's Fusion Reactor.
February 6
Tim Pinkney will talk about the existence of water on the solar system's moons.

March 6
Professor Charles Hunt will discuss the creation of the heavier elements and how they are distributed throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.
April 3
Tim Unruh will give a presentation on tektites.
May 1
Elsa Paszek will give us an update and show a video on the Voyager mission.

June 5
Tim Unruh will give a presentation on meteorite and tektite mimicry.
On Vacation.
August 7
Planetarium show at Sierra College.  The subject will be black holes.
September 4
Charles Dailey will discuss what we have learned from meteorites.
October 2
Carla LaFave will present up to date findings by the Parker Solar Probe and John Combes will talk about our stellar neighborhood.
November 6
Tim Pinkney will discuss our moon: past, present and future missions.
December 1
Holiday luncheon in the Solarium.
January 8, 2020
Dr. Charles Hunt will give a presentation on the aurora borealis.

February 5
March 6