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Golden State Star Party (GSSP)


Every summer there is a fantastic star party near Adin, in northern California, just 2 hours east of Redding on Highway 299.  It is held at Frosty Acres, the property of a rancher who raises cattle.  The skies there are some of the best in California.  The altitude is about 4200' and just about perfect for either visual observing or imaging.  The star party is set up in a field with extremely low horizons, 360º all around, and it has pleasant temperatures at night.   Usually just a sweatshirt is needed.  During the day, temperatures are in the 80-90º range.  Winds can be 20 mph, gusting to 30 mph.  So tents and shade tents must be anchored with heavy tent stakes.  The event is set up to handle 400 people and their telescopes.  The field is laid out like regular neighborhood with named streets and there is plenty of room for all.  There are areas for tent campers as well for  RVs.

There are several things that make GSSP a truly special event:

1. You can sign up for up to three dinners.   The Albough family brings out their BBQ cooking trailer and prepares a wonderful beef dinner buffet style.  The local community also holds their annual fund raising day while the astronomers are there, so you can get dinner, desert and something fun to drink while contributing to a worthy cause.

2. There is a shower truck on the property and it is open all day.  There's nothing like getting a nice cool shower after a hot and sweaty day before a great night of observing.

3. The town of Adin is just a few minutes drive away.  It has a general store for sandwiches, ice, or just about anything else you might need.  There is also a hamburger shop if you need a burger fix.  Their milkshakes are pretty good, too!  During the day there are also several day-trips possible.  While gone, your gear will be safe and sound as volunteers man the gate during the day.

To visit the GSSP website or to register for the next star party, click here.  For more information contact Ron Yelton at ryelton660@aol.com.