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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

A Lunar Trifecta
A Trifecta is a long shot by any definition.
To have things coincide, they must be in position.
When astronomy is in the mix, rather than race horses
most people candidly admit, the stars were in their courses.

A Trifecta of the Lunar kind, was for the world to see.
and for those who understood the odds, it was a rarity.
A Super Moon, whose path comes close in orbit to elliptical
and a Blue Moon, full twice in a month, is mathematically atypical.

A Blood Moon happens when the shadow of the Earth
covers her face, but sanguine light glows faintly across her girth.
When all three come together, it really is a show.
But if you're in the wrong place, you wouldn't even know.