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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

An Annular Event
The alignment was fortuitous when sun and moon combined,
to frame a rare occurrence, in fact, one of a kind.

By fortunate coincidence, a major occultation, appeared to those
awaiting it, in great anticipation.

Precisely as predicted, the disc obscured the sun -
not totally, but partially and it was really fun,

to see peculiar shadows creep slowly cross the wall,
illuminated crescents danced excitedly for all.

Those of preparation, with darkened optic lens,
could view a show so rarely seen, in company of friends.

But at the very instant, when full eclipse was made,
the luminosity, it seems, had suffered no degrade.

And when the transit ended with devices put away,
little was in evidence of what took place that day.

The Ring of Fire was quite a sight for those, who saw the
Solar show, an eclipse less than total - was it disappointing?