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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

Asteroid Day

Be ready! It has been declared, and most of us are ill-prepared.
June Thirtieth, by proclamation, in Astronomic convocation
is International Asteroid Day. In celebration, or dismay?
Remnants of their impact craters serve as potent demonstrators.

Be aware that random rocks from space
could wreak havoc and deface
our world and all that dwell within.
Our atmosphere is much too thin.

Their orbits have been not well predicted
if our paths cross, all hell would be inflicted.
Our extinction a real possibility
by an asteroid with this ability.

So if you have time and the right apparatus
you might catch a glimpse of what's coming right at us.
This most likely has happened eons before -
could extermination be what's in store?

Now, "all hands on deck" as we scan with concern
for fast moving objects awaiting their turn
to join up with us on our "little blue dot."
Just be aware, they are coming in hot!

Don't bother to call 9-1-1 if you spy
an asteroid just flitting on by.
There's not much the forces of order and law
can do about stones with an orbital flaw.

Be the first on your block to see one approaching.
dig a hole fast if you think it's encroaching.
For sending a team up to alter direction
is an unlikely effort to ensure our protection.