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Poems by Jim Fulcomer


We all hope for mis-direction, when a Coronal Mass Ejection,
erupts from the Solar core, and hurtles toward our peaceful shore.
Lots of Protons at flank speed, (far more than we really need)
are heading here in Solar storm, in a Polar-centered swarm.

Do we need added protection, from this cosmic indiscretion?
Well, if you're in the Stratosphere, this is something you might fear.
Those aboard the ISS, have no time for quick egress-
just dive into the cargo bay, as eruptions head their way.

For radiation this intense, there usually is no defense!
It could fry the CPU and certainly distress the crew.
Satellites and power grids must put on their protective lids.
Outpouring of these Solar flares will not dispel our daily cares.

So enjoy those Northern Lights, from safer and less lofty heights.
The quiet sun is now beginning a far more active second inning.
The celestial rock and roll, is way that we can control.
Effects are felt both far and wide - 'twill do no good to run and hide.

What a shame we can't contain, the force of this celestial rain.
For this ionic Solar gas, it must be said, is hard to pass...