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Poems by Jim Fulcomer


Everyone, of course, knows Eros, an Asteroid which could come near us.
Which again, gives some concern, should orbits take a nasty turn.
But now we learn of lonely Eris, a planetoid whose path won’t smear us.

For she, like Pluto, tours in ellipse, so far away, she never dips,
inside the inner-planet’s ring. So we’re safe from a potential ding.
A stranger from the Kuiper Belt, just like Pluto and we felt,
such loss from his recent demotion.Was it his peculiar motion?

For Eris wanders further out and would cause trouble, some amount,
because her mass and density, makes Pluto a non-entity.
She also has a tiny moon, Dysnomia, who orbits like a wee balloon.

She also sports an atmosphere. In snowy white, it does appear.
We could call her Pluto’s sister. I don’t know how we almost missed her.
The furthest member of our system-I won’t take the time to list ‘em.
Don’t look for Eris in your finder. She’s very small - just a reminder.