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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          

Exoplanets, Ho

A mere 500 years away, at the speed of light, theysay,
an earth-like planet has been found.

Encircling a tiny star, not too near and not too far,
conditions where life possibly is found.

Called simply Kepler one eight six, eff, it’s out there in the sticks,
with a year that lasts one hundred thirty days.

Her cool and puny mother sun shines just enough to get things done,
unless, of course, it’s going through a phase.

Don’t bother making reservations to such exotic destinations.
If we could get there anyway,

Real-Estate is problematic and we lack a good schematic -
How many hours are there in their day?

But should we manage to communicate and their responseindelicate,
It would be upsetting if we find,

How unwelcome it might be, their greeting, diplomatically,
translated was, “you’re really not our kind.”