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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          

G Waves?

If you’re inclined to tipple, then you may have missed the ripple.
of the waves of gravity extent.

For they are subtly undetectable, impossibly collectible,
so detection is a rather big event.

But in the South Pole latitudes, astronomers with attitudes,
have telescopes that seem to have discovered -

Minor patterns of polarity, with random regularity.
The signature primeval now uncovered?

Swirls and eddies of this energy, to some imply convincingly,
that Quantum formulations are now valid.

So the Big Bang really was not heard, but scientifically inferred,
with Hawking Radiation added to the salad.

Astronomers, Cosmologists, are hoping to get on the list,
of candidates for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

So just indulge this rambling rhyme, as we all look back in time,
avoiding the most obvious polemics.

Those now convinced that time began, at that moment, rather than,
some other creational divine -

Have evidence to suit their cause, but hold off on the applause,
until the “anti-bangers” get their whine.