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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

Lakes On Mars?

Beneath the arid crust of Mars, is a find which really jars -
theories of the Martian past, when water might have flowed
and vast, lakes and rivers once existed
when warmer climes might have persisted.

New evidence might indicate, a massive, muddy, salty lake -
is there despite conditions which do not favor aqua-sitions.

What will future missions think, if when they find this Martian sink
with nothing else for miles around, a small warning sign is found,
which reads, "No Earthlings Allowed." They must be a hostile crowd.

Do those Native Martian-ings, who seem most unwelcoming,
feel we are there to colonize? To them we are a bad surprise.
There'll be no swimming in their lake. Rejection is so hard to take.

Did our robots make a bad impression in an early intercession?
They make it clear we are not wanted and appear largely undaunted.
Venus doesn't want us either. Maybe we should take a breather.