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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          


Alarmed by a sudden bright appearance from atmospheric interference,
to a meteor’s progression - there was no time for intercession.

When early on one Russian morning, came a boulder without warning,
from outer space with flaming track, taking many folks aback.

How many other rocks come calling? There surely is a daily falling,
of meteoric debris, which filters down on land and sea,

to wind up as household dust and even in your nose, I trust.
While you may blame that sneeze on pollen, it could beastro-dust that’s fallen.

For the Earth gets fifty tons a day, so in that matter, let us pray,
that meteors and asteroids, are tiny, so the Earth avoids,

those large and serious ablators who might favor us with craters.
Was it a cometary calling-card, that made living really hard,

for Saurians of ancient time? Their mortgage was indeed sub-prime.
The same could happen to us, sadly, with results that endquite badly.

So if the forecast is for rocks, be prepared for sudden shocks.
More asteroids are out there waiting, on this matter - no debating.

And comets pack a lethal punch. If one should hit - there goes your lunch.
This all has happened once before. Has anyone been keeping score?

Check you deductibles for losses, from interstellar object tosses.
For when the heavens start to glow, just sit back and enjoy the show.