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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

Mr. Gravity

Mister Gravity is everywhere, he won't leave me alone!
Why does he do his mischief, when Mommy's on the phone?
No matter how I build things up, he always knocks them down.
The only guy who fools him, is my pal, Tippy the Clown.

And when I try to toss things up, they always hit the floor.
Mister Gravity is always here - he doesn't need a door.
He's inside and he's outside, but mostly he's below,
'cause when I trip and skin my knees - he's to blame, I know!

If Gravity was not around, I guess I'd float away,
just like a little toy balloon, to Mommy's great dismay!
He pulls the leaves right from the trees, and makes the clouds give rain,
I know that he's responsible, for water, down the drain.

Mister Gravity is always watching me, but I can't see him at all.
Maybe that's why does Daddy warns me, when I'm riding for a fall!