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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

Oumuamua (O-moo-a-moo-a)

What's great about Astronomy, is, there's something new each day
Mysterious things from outer space come constantly our way.
Space rocks coming close to us are always a concern
Should we all just "duck and cover" or see what we can learn?

A most peculiar space-rock recently came swinging by
Not a comet - rather dim, coming at us from on high.
In an orbit not elliptical, but very hyperbolic
With and origin from Lyra. Unlikely metabolic.

They named it U-moo-a-moo-a, and it was shaped like a cigar
Exactly what an alien craft might be, coming from another star.
But n signals were detected and it was cleared by SETI
Which dampened any theories it could be Captained by a Yeti.

U-moo-amoo-a now is zipping fast away
in Pegasus direction - it didn't plan to stay.
But now we know that other rocks are out there, drawing nigh
Should any of them get in our way - just kiss your butt goodbye...