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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          

  Plinck, Plank, Plunk

Now it seems, we have to thank, the satellite namedafter Planck,
which provides the latest iteration of the Universe’ formation.

It seems that data analyzed, (assume it wasn’t compromised)
weak Microwaves revealed an unexpected thermal field.

Evidence shows we’re older still, a cosmologic bitter pill.
Inflation is the culprit blamed for this estimation changed.

From reams of data streaming in, across the ether, ultra-thin,
new theories constantly conceived which overturn what we believed.

Faint cosmic whispers now provide some answers which will help decide
who might receive a Nobel prize for this astrophysical surprise.

The COBE had his day in court, but just came up a wee bit short.
So now the deeper that we go, we’re finding things we did not know.

PhD’s at institutions write papers on these evolutions,
which provoke a mild guffaw, if it bends a Newton Law