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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          

Comet 67P

Those whose interests, Cometary, are intense, extraordinary,
have a lot to cheer about of late.
For a probe, so named Rosetta, has an even chance, or bettah,
making contact with it’s target right on date.
For a meeting, way out there in space, has happened, as it was the case,
for patience, ‘cause it took a lot of time.
Ten years of wild trajectory, with guided, precise vectory
to intersect the object of it’s climb.

Whose name, shortened for simplicity, is just Six-Seven P,
With C-G added for a tender.
We’ll circle her for just a while and if she poses with a smile,
a lander will touch down in mid-November.
Just a dirty snowball now, but as she points her pretty prow
sunwards and the mighty solar wind,
Creates a bright and fiery tail from her icy, hidden vale
disproving many legends that have spinned.

Now you can follow the activity up close without adversity,
learning almost all there is to know.
For comets are a mystery, not just a curiosity
and always give a splendid astral show.
Stein and Lucretia passed close by, but didn’t interrupt the try,
if all goes well we hope that we will find,
A clue to our distant beginnings - we now are in the extra-innings,
then maybe know how it all was designed.