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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

  Solar Soliloquy

(to the rhythm of the song, "Top of the World")

Before I go there's something I must see.
Our sun in eclipse, totally.
Bailey's Beads will appear and with proper eye-gear
the Corona all ablaze majestically.

As the shadow comes in from the West.
You'll want to be where you can see it best.
For the path that it will take leaves no trace or a wake,
so you have to be precise about your quest.

The Twenty-first of August it will be.
For all the lovers of Astronomy.
As the moon blots the sun, in a wink the day is done,
then a second dawn appears so suddenly.

Outside the path it can't be seen at all.
There will be no dimming or no pall.
Oregon the best place where the umbra will will trace,
heading East for more watchers to enthrall.

We're all hoping for a cloudless morn.
But there's a bit of danger we must warn.
Shield your eyes prudently, or sun-blind you could be -
and leaving you most tragically forlorn.

Be ready at about quarter past ten.
The time predicted is exactly when.
Events such as this, clearly not to be missed -
for it won't soon be happening again.