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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

  The Moment of Totality

We all waited so impatiently for the moment of totality
as shadows swept across the land with tiny crescents on the sand.

Two splendid minutes were allowed to share the rapture with the crowd.
And when that magic moment came, as Lunar mass concealed the flame
and bright day became a sudden night, with mortals left in sheer delight.

Some cheered, but most in silence gazed at the whole in space and were amazed.
by the Corona's pale and shimmery ring. It truly was an awesome thing.
Venus showed herself demure, in sudden darkness, twilight pure.
All eyes transfixed as hypnotized by the silent drama in the skies.

Too soon the wondrous show was gone. Day broke again, both cool and wan.
Then as the Sun reclaimed his power, the magic gone in just an hour.
The crowds assembled headed out, satisfied without a doubt.

How fortunate were those who came, to see the ghostly ring of flame
above the precise lunar path, which hid the raging solar wrath.

For most, it was the first and last. A spectacle which sped too fast.
None of us left unimpressed, but thankful that our noble quest
had rewarded us so well, as pure science cast it's spell.