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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
   Poems by Jim Fulcomer          

  The Mayan Calendar

The Mayans were a feisty lot. They likely gave more than they got.
Their rituals were seldom nice, with bloody human sacrifice.
For there in jungles wild and green, they built cities most unseen.
With native stone and carved by hand, in solemn splendor still they stand.

But somehow and with great precision, they calculated star position,
Creating calendars, both short and long and a Codex did belong,
to predict the end of days. Was it just a passing phase?
The long count ended just last year and to those who cried in fear,

that the Earth would terminate, with major suffering and a great,
calamity would come. I know this disappointed some,
who did believe the world would end, upon that predicted date, my friend.
But came that day - it was a bust. We’ll have to waitagain, I trust.
You have to give those Mayans credit. If you can read their glyphs -
they said it.