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Poems by Jim Fulcomer

Ultima Thule

The signals came from outer space, in bits, much long-awaited
It was New Horizons checking in, appropriately dated.
For New Years brought excitement to the waiting team on Earth
Hoping that new data would access the Solar System’s birth.

First impressions only gave a hint of what might be expected
Was it a Bowling Pin or Garnet Yam, whose shape had been detected?
But closing in at lightning speed and improved resolution
two knobby blobs were seen as one, in obvious collusion.

Ultima Thule, the distant land, came slowly into view
A red snowman was the consensus of the monitoring crew.
Officially, he’s a KBO, 2014MU69.
But he has secrets he will reluctantly divine.

Of the most excited folks, was Brian May, of Queen
Who can rock and roll with Physics and lots of stuff between.
It took lots of luck and planning to locate this tiny rock
I hope it all was worth it, if NASA goes in hock.