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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
April 2017

This month we watched a video by Alex Filippenko.
Prof. Filippenko will describe the colors of the sky, sun, moon and stars at sunrise and
sunset and what causes them. Learn about surprising things you can see with your naked
eye during sunrise and sunset as well as other interesting atmospheric phenomena.
Why the length of day and night is different in summer vs winter.
Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal Equinox, Solstice and the  midnight sun.
Dave Wood talked about the newest Exoplanet Discoveries
Photos courtesy of Bill Weaver

2017 April
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Dave Wood
2017 March
2017 March
Cindy Van Buren showing us our new polo shirts
Cindy with the logo for the shirts
2017 March
2017 March

2017 March
2017 March