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Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
October 2018

Bob Collins organized this month's star party at the Sports Pavilion.
We had a good crowd of about twenty folks stop by. Carla LaFave took most of
the photos, and Ron Yelton added a few as well. Ron Olson came out with his Pad and
showed us what all of the object would look like in color.
Bill Weaver, Ron Yelton, Al and Carol Witten and  Jack Uppal provided the telescopes.
We had great views of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and as it got darker we were able to tease out
some Deep Sky Objects such as the Ring Nebula, the Dumbbell Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy.

General Meeting        Sports Pavilion Star Party

2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Bill Weaver arriving and unloading his gear
Bill getting unpacked
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Ron Yelton with his first load of gear
Ron unpacking
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Bill Weaver at his scope, Bob Collins and Carla LaFave
Bob Collins chatting with Jack Uppal. In the middle is one of our guests.
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Jack Uppal explaining the world of astronomy to a visitor
Al Witten aligns his telescope with the spotting scope while Carol and Bob supervise
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Bill Weaver and is 130mm refractor
Jack Uppal and Bill Weaver
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Bob Collins posing with Bill's telescope
Ron Yelton and Carla FaFave with Ron's telescope
2018 Oct TIG
2018 Oct TIG
Bill and Carla
Al and Carol Witten with their 10" Dobsonian telescope
2018 Oct TIG

Ron Yelton and Bob Collins