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Past Meetings

November 9       General Meeting    T
he video "Cosmic Voyages" was shown, followed by a presentation on selected topics from
                           the video by Fayne Tucker.
                           "Cosmic Voyages" illustrated the scale of the universe, described the evolution of the
universe from the "Big Bang," supernovas and black holes.

October 12         General Meeting   
The topic for the October meeting was "The Solar System" which was  presented by John 
                           The program included a brief description and photos of the solar system members, followed by a hands-on
                           demonstration of the comparable sizes of the planets and the Sun, and the relative distances of the planets and
                           nearest star from the Sun. A demonstration was also  given on how the seasons change throughout the year. 

September 14     General Meeting     "
Deep Sky Objects and more Constellations" was  presented by John Combes. 
                           Types of Deep Sky Objects including open and globular clusters, nebulae and galaxies were  described and specific
                           examples shown. This was  followed by a presentation on more summer/fall constellations.

August 10         
Ron Olson discussed Planespheres and Star Charts, followed by John Combes presentation on Summer  
                          John included the history of some of the constellations in his presentation.