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2017 Meeting Journal
December 3

Annual Christmas Luncheon
November 20 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Lecture #3    "Rotten to the Core"
November  9
TIG Star Party at the Sports Pavilion cancelled due to rain.
November 1 GM Video Lecture on "The Antikythera Mechanism" by Prof. Bradley Schaefer
The first mechanical computer that could predict various astronomical events based on star positions.
October  19 TIG Observing the night sky.
Short follow-up lecture from the General Meeting and then observing with telescopes
behind the OC Lodge.
October 16 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution."  by Don Wilson
Lecture #2  "Revelation: BIG BANG'S Century Old Critical Flaw"
October 4 GM Ron Olson presents "Exploring the Night Sky".
September 28
Due to too few sign-ups, the Blue Canyon trip has been cancelled.
September 18 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Revised program - Don cannot attend so we will have some video lectures about what we
have learned from Hubble images.
September 6
At 7:00 PM in the OC Ballroom Dr. Seth Shostak will lecture on the Science of Star Wars: The lowdown between
Space Travel, aliens and The Force. This presentation will be held in lieu of our regular General Meeting.
August 24 TIG Field Trip to Cameron Park Observatory was cancelled due to too few sign-ups.
August 21 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
August 21 TIG Solar Eclipse on the patio behind the Orchard Creek Lodge.
The eclipse begins a 9:00 AM, our maximum begins at 10:17 AM (80%) and the eclipse winds down and ends at 11:40 AM.
The eclipse event was a huge success. We had probably close to 500 people attend with long lines of people waiting at each telescope to see the eclipse.
August 9
Professor David Dunn will present a planetarium show at the Sierra College Planetarium.
The Show will begin at 7:00 PM.  Contact Ron Olson for more information. rolson@starstream.net  408-1435
No Meeting.
June 22 TIG  Star Party on the terrace behind the Orchard Creek Lodge
The Star Party was canceled because of the unusually high temperatures.
June 19 CIG Wrapping up the Black Hole lecture series by Alex Filippenko.
Instead of showing a DVD lecture, this CIG meeting will be bringing Black hole Theory up to date since Filippenko made the DVD. Internet videos will be shown to explain Quantum Entanglement and the problems
created in explaining the Black hole Information Paradox and the controversial Firewall Effect.                        
Q&A and Discussion
June 10 TIG The Telescope Interest Group provided telescopes and their expertise at the Airfest and Youth Expo held at the Lincoln Airport. There was a fantastic turnout which kept all of us busy most of the day. The volunteers got free admission and a free lunch.  The weather was perfect. We got to see military jump teams as well as fly-bys of T-38s, a French Alpha Jet, and a number of vintage WW I and WW II planes (five P-51s). The telescopes had solar filters so we could watch the Sun safely - there just weren't ant sunspots to see that day.
June 7  GM "Tour of the Universe: My Favorite Images"  by Jim Wronkiewicz
In orbit since 1990, and having taken over one million images, Jim will talk about and display his favorite 30-40 Hubble Images. This should be a great presentation!
May 27 TIG This month we will have a second Star Party at Blue Canyon, for all LHAG members, and guests who sign up.
Contact Bob Collins at bobpcoll@community.net (253-9890) for more information.
May 18 TIG We are planning on having a star party just west of Thunder Valley Casino.
Richard Sandler will be hosting us at the model airplane field. See the TIG page for details or contact Bob Collins at bobpcoll@community.net (253-9890) for more information.
May 15 CIG "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
Lecture 11   "Black Holes and the Holographic Universe"                      
Q&A and Discussion
May 3 GM "In Search of Dark Matter" by Aaron Manalaysay
Aaron will describe the Large Underground Xenon Experiment. Cosmology's Big Bang Theory requires that 80% of the matter in the universe must be Dark Matter. Aaron will describe the results of the of this search for Dark Matter. This experiment takes place one mile underground.
April 27 TIG This month we will have a Star Party in Lincoln, located at a site west of Thunder Valley Casino.
The Associated Modelers of Sacramento (AMOS) have invited us to use their facilities for nighttime observing. The site is close by, easily accessible and should offer us a great night for observing. Contact Bob Collins at bobpcoll@community.net
(253-9890) for more information.
April 17 CIG "Black Holes Explained"   DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
Lecture 10   "Stephen Hawking and Black Hole Evaporation"
Q&A and Discussion
April 5  GM A video by Alex Filippenko
Prof. Filippenko will describe the colors of the sky, sun, moon and stars at sunrise and sunset and what causes them.
Learn about surprising things you can see with your naked eye during sunrise and sunset as well as other interesting atmospheric phenomena. Why the length of day and night is different in summer vs winter. Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal Equinox, Solstice and the  midnight sun. Dave Wood updated us on what's new in the search for exoplanets.
March 23 TIG This month's meeting will be devoted to planning our activities for the rest of the year - classroom subjects, observing activities and outreach.
March 20 CIG  "Black Holes Explained"    DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
Lecture 09  "Shortcuts Through the Universe and Beyond"                      
We again had technical difficulties with the projector and computer so only lecture #9 was covered.
Q&A and Discussion
March 1 GM "Dark Skies - Why Light Pollution Affects You"  by Jack Sales of the International Dark-Sky Association
Jack will talk about preserving our dark skies as well as how light pollution affects out circadian rhythms and the hormonal cycles of all living things.
February 28
Lifestyle Expo Orchard Creek Ballroom
LHAG had a two-table booth set up at the Lifestyle Expo this year. There was a fantastic turnout and we actually had to get more fliers copied as we handed out so many. John Combes had his pictures of Pluto on display. Ron Yelton brought his imaging telescope and had a picture slide show on a television featuring members of the club and some astro images. Barbara Swerdlow set up the tables. Mike Mathes, Ron Olson and Bob Collins got the club banner displayed up on the stage and Don Wilson was out in front of the tables and did a wonderful job of getting folks to stop by out booth and chat. Cindy Van Buren, Morey Lewis also stopped by. Bill Weaver was on hand to take lots of pictures for us. Everyone had a great time!
February 23 TIG "Preparing to Enjoy the Telescope Viewing Experience Through the Use of Mobile Apps and Websites"
This month we will demonstrate how to use some of the mobile and desktop apps that we discussed at the January meeting. Bill Weaver and Ron Yelton discussed various applications that are helpful in planning an observing session. Ron also had a short presentation on the Golden State Star Party (GSSP) held annually near Adin, CA.
February 20 CIG "Black Holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
This month, we again had difficulties with the A/V equipment and were only able to review one of the planned lectures. The schedule for the rest of the lectures has been revised.
Lecture 08  "The Wildest Ride in the Universe"
Q&A and Discussion
February 1 GM "Variable Stars" by Bill Goff from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Morey started us off by presenting Nina Mazzo with a Certificate of Appreciation for her wonderful talk on the unusual moons in our solar system. Right after that Morey was our speaker for "What's New in Astronomy." He talked about Red Novae. Bill Goff then went on to describe the types of variable stars, what science we have learned from observing variable stars, including some recent contributions to astronomy, as well as describing projects where professional andamateur astronomers have collaborated.
January 26 TIG Astronomy Apps
This month TIG members will demonstrate Astronomy Apps used for planning observing nights and viewing sky maps of stars, Messier objects, planets and their moons, and our Moon. The presentations were:
Bob Collins:
1.  Weather Underground - cloud/rain prediction
2.  Clear Sky- weather details for the area
3.  Tonight's Sky - specific viewing options for "What's in the Sky Tonight?"4.  Stellarium - free, open source planetarium program
Bill Weaver:
1.  Starry Night
2.  Sky Safari
Ron Olson:
1.  The Moon app
Ron Yelton:
1.  A GPS app used to assist in mount alignment
2.  ISS Detector - When and where an ISS event will occur
3.  Sat Tracker - app to locate Irridium Flares and orbiting man-made objects
4.  Sky Time - interesting app for all astronomical times
January 16 CIG
"Black holes Explained" DVD Lecture Series by Alex Filippenko
Lecture 06 "Quasars - Feasting Supermassive Black Holes"
Lecture 07 "Gravitational Waves - Ripples in Space-Time"
Q&A and Discussion
January 4
GM "Mysterious Moons in our Solar System"  by Nina Mazzo
This month our very own "Moon Goddess," Nina Mazzo, moves out from Earths' Moon to explore 10 strange moons in our Solar System. Nina gave a very informative and entertaining talk while we all ate the Moon-Pies Nina provided.
Ron Olson walked us through "What's New in Astronomy."