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2018 Meeting Journal

January 03 GM John Combes presented his talk on "Cassini's Trip to Saturn"
January 15 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Lecture #4 - Pie in the Sky
January 25 TIG This month we looked at astronomy apps and how they can be used to find objects in the night sky as well as how they can help plan an observing session.
Ron Olson explored the Messier Deep Sky Objects visible from the
Lincoln Hills area.
February 07 GM Our guest speaker this month was our very own "Moon Goddess" Nina Mazzo.
Nina will
talked about the "Earth's Moon." She  looked at the far side of the Moon.
February 19 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Lecture #5 - What's the Matter U and
Lecture #6 - Shell Game
February 22 TIG Star Party was cancelled due to weather.
Instead Ron Yelton presented a program on the Nightfall Star Party held south of Palm Springs every year in the Fall.
March 07 GM Guest speaker Tim Unruh spoke about Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites.
March 19  CIG Unfortunately, Don was not available this month - so we cancelled this lecture for just this month.
March 22 TIG Star Party at the Model Airplane Field cancelled.
Ron Yelton talked about the Texas Star Party instead.
April 4 GM Bill Weaver and Ron Yelton gave a joint presentation on imaging.
Bill Weaver "Easy and Simple Astro Imaging for Beginners".  Ron Yelton "The Pitfalls of Making an Astro Image".  Bill started off talking about how you can get great images with just an adapter, telescope and a cell phone. Ron expanded on this theme and tried to de-mystify some of the terms and things that we see in astrophotos along with some examples.
April 16 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Lecture #7 - Bubble Balance - Structure As You Like It and
Lecture #8 - Fountain of Youth - Anti-matter
April 19 TIG Due to a lack of telescopes we cancelled the Sports Pavilion star Party.
May 2 GM Carla LaFave presented her first short LHAG talk on "The Sun".
Yelton offered images that he himself has taken and some of the stories behind them. Both talks should be fun and full of interesting information.
May 21 CIG "Demarcation Wars: Draining the Big Bang 'Swamp' and the 2nd Copernicus Revolution." by Don Wilson
Lecture #9 - Graviton Discovery - Really, Really Hugh
Lecture #10 - A NEW Law of Gravity".
May 24 TIG Star Party at Blue Canyon cancelled due to weather.
June 6 GM This meeting was moved to the OC Ballroom at 6:45 PM.
The Players have a show scheduled that night and we
got bumped to Orchard Creek. John Combes gave an update on the Hubble Space Telescope.
June 18 CIG Don Wilson concluded his lecture series with
Lecture #11 - Unification
June 14 TIG Star party at the AMOS field near the casino cancelled due to weather.
August 1 GM Prof. David Dunn gave a presentation for us at the Sierra College Planetarium at 7:00 PM.
August 16 TIG Star Party at the Sports Pavilion. Sunset is about 7:45 PM.
There were great views of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter (the Great Red Spot isnicely visible) as well as Venus and some Deep
Sky Objects like the Ring Nebula and the dumbbell Nebula.
August 20 CIG New lecture series begins - Radio Astronomy
Lecture #1 "Radio Astronomy and the Invisible Universe"
Lecture #2 "Thermal Radio Emissions: The Planets"
August 27 TIG The Telescope Interest Group will be provided telescopes for a Moonlight Walk sponsored by the Trail Enhancement Team.
September 5 GM John Collins gave a talk on New Horizon's trip to Pluto.
September 13 TIG Trip to Cameron Park
September 17 CIG Lecture Series - Radio Astronomy
October 3 GM Ex-resident Jim Kelley returned to give a talk on Black Holes.
October 11 TIG Star Party at the Sports Pavilion at 6:30 PM.
October 15 CIG We continued our new lecture series on Radio Astronomy with:
Lecture #3 "The Birth of Radio Astronomy"
Lecture #4 "The Discovery of Interstellar Hydrogen"
November 7 GM Cindy Van Buren talked about the Juno Mission to Jupiter and
Barbara Swerdlow gave her first
"What's New in Astronomy" talk on "Uranus - The Stinky Planet".
November 8 TIG Star Party at the Sports Pavilion cancelled.
November 19 CIG Radio Astronomy
Lecture #5 "Radio Telescopes and How They Work"
Lecture #6 "Mapping the Hydrogen Sky"
December 2
Holiday Christmas Luncheon