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2020 Meeting Journal

January 8 GM Bill Weaver substituted for John Combes to present, “Numbers, Time and the Vastness of Space”.  A look at our home planet and how it measures up to its place in our Solar System, our home Milky Way Galaxy, and the myriad of galaxies that make up the visible universe.
January 20 CIG Don Wilson presented “A Congruent Cosmology”, which explains his cosmological theory of the universe.
January 23 TIG Star Party at the AMOS Flying Field. A great venue for viewing the outer planets and the Andromeda galaxy.

February 5 GM Carla LaFave discussed the Parker Solar Probe's latest findings. The probe is on a seven year mission to unlock the mysteries of the Sun.  Afterward, Ron Yelton showed some of the  dramatic astro photography taken on his recent trip to Arizona.
February 17 CIG Morey Lewis introduced and showed the first two lectures in the new DVD series, "Introduction to Astrophysics".
#1 Zooming Out to Distant Galaxies.
#2 Zooming in to Fundamental Particles.

February 27 TIG There was no Star Party this month due to construction in the Sports Pavillion area.

March 4
GM In March 2013 Dr. Charles Hunt went to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.  He arrived at the same time as particles from a coronal mass ejection. The result was "fire in the sky" and his presentation.
March 16 CIG
Meeting cancelled due to Wuhan virus.
March 26 TIG Meeting cancelled due to Wuhan virus.

For the rest of the year, all Astronomy Group meetings were cancelled  due to the Wuhan virus.