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2023 Meeting Journal

January 4 GM Ron Yelton showed how he processes an astro image.
January 16 CIG The Properties of Stars.
January 19 TIG Sunset at 17:41.

February 1 GM Barbara Swerdlow discussed the history and development of spacesuits.
February 19 CIG Sunset at 18:14.
February 1 TIG Jupiter, open clusters, and galaxies.  Sunset at 18:27. 

March 1
GM Bill Weaver presented, “ Searching for the Origin of Our Universe”,
March 20 CIG
The various methods used to detect and analyze exoplanets.
March 21 TIG Sunset at 19:43.  Observations during a new Moon.

April 5 GM Richard Sandler gave a presentation on  NASA’s Gateway Program.
April 17
CIG Simple stellar models.
April 20
TIG Sunset at 20:14.

May 3
GM Ron Yelton, an Astronomy Group member, spoke on his passion, astrophotography.
May 15
CIG White dwarfs.
May 18
TIG Sunset at 20:43.

June 7
GM Ken Crawford, a world-renowned astro imager presented, “Going Deep for Science From My Backyard!”
June 19 CIG  When stars grow old.
June 15 TIG Sunset at 21:03.

July GM On vacation.
July CIG On vacation.
July TIG On vacation.

August 3 GM Using images from Hubble and Webb, a video journey to the edge of the universe.
August 15 CIG  Supernova and neutron stars.
August 31 TIG Sunset at 20:26.  Andromeda galaxy and many open and globular star clusters.

September 7 GM Nebulae and globular clusters, why some nebulae glow, why some don't, and of what they are made.
September 19 CIG  Gravitational waves.
September 26 TIG Sunset at 19:45.  Andromeda galaxy and many open and globular star clusters.

October 5 GM Scott Perry and the emergence of structure and beauty throughout creation, especially astronomy.
October 17 CIG  No activity scheduled.
October 25 TIG Sunset at 18:30.  Saturn, Neptune, Andromeda, the Wild Duck Cluster, the Ring Nebula.

November 2 GM Professor Charles Daily and the "Astronomical Effects on Terrestrial Biology".
November 21 CIG The Milky Way and other galaxies.
November 21 TIG Sunset at 17:30.  Jupiter and Saturn in all their magnificent glory.

December  GM  No activity scheduled.
December CIG  No activity scheduled.
December TIG  No activity scheduled.