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2024 Meeting Journal

January 3 GM Tom Jones on NASA's astronaut, underwater training facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
January 15 CIG The Properties of Stars.
January 10 TIG Sunset at 17:32.   Jupiter and Saturn will be prominent.

February 7 GM Michal Warzecha on the first 18 months of James Webb photos.
February 19 CIG Jupiter, open clusters, and galaxies. 
February 9 TIG Sunset at 18:03.  Jupiter and Uranus will be prominent.

March 6
GM Anthony Oreglia on the Milky Way Galaxy.
March 18 CIG
The various methods used to detect and analyze exoplanets.
March 9 TIG Sunset at 18:33.  Jupiter and Uranus will be prominent.

April 3 GM  Ron Yelton on narrow band processing of ngc3293 in the Hubble palette.
April 15
CIG Simple stellar models.
April 8
TIG  Sunset at 20:03.  Jupiter will be prominent.

May 1
May 20
May 18

June 5
June 17 CIG
June 15 TIG

July GM On vacation.
July CIG On vacation.
July TIG On vacation.

August 7 GM
August 19 CIG
August 31 TIG

September 4 GM
September 16 CIG
September 26 TIG

October 2 GM
October 21 CIG
October 25 TIG

November 6 GM
November 18 CIG
November 21 TIG

December  GM  No activity scheduled.
December CIG  No activity scheduled.
December TIG  No activity scheduled.