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Yosemite Glacier Point
During the summer season the rangers at Yosemite invite a different astronomy club from around California
to hold a star party at the amphitheater at Glacier Point each weekend. On both Friday and Saturday nights the club
that is putting on the star party will do a presentation about the telescopes in use that night, what fun objects
are available to view and a little bit on star party etiquette.

In exchange for providing a star party for the park visitors, they allow the astronomers free access to the park
as well as free camping in the Bridalveil Campground. Camping is pretty much bare-bones - you will need to bring
your own camping gear (tent, food, water, etc.). There are restrooms at the campground - everything else you
must bring yourself.

About 10-12 telescopes are needed to be one of the clubs that is invited each year. LHAG does not have enough
folks to support that kind of commitment. But if you would like to participate in this program, you may be able to
attend as a guest of another astronomy club. The night sky is incredible up there!
Here are some files to
if you are interested in this program.

Glacier Point Star Party FAQs
Bridalveil Campground Map
Glacier Point Amphitheater Diagram

For more information, contact Ron Yelton at ryelton660@aol.com