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December 3     
General Meeting   "Johnson Space Center" by Carol Witten
Carol took the audience on a VIP tour of the Johnson Space Center. The presentation took us behind the scenes where
                         the Astronauts work, and included photos of mock ups of the International Space Station and view Historic Mission

November 5     General Meeting   "Supernovas" by Tom Eason
Tom Eason presented "How Stars Blow Up." Tom's presentation addressed the history of novas up to the present day
                         and explained the basic physics of stellar explosions.

October 01       Astrophotography by Ken Crawford
                         Award-winning Astrophotographer, Ken Crawford presented a program of astrophotos at OCL. His presentation was
                         titled "The Universe from my backyard." Ken showed images and discussed advances in equipment that allows
                         amateurs to achieve near professional results in Astrophotography. The audience thoroughly enjoyed this outstanding

September 23   Blue Canyon Star Gazing
                         Clear, dark skies provided an evening of excellent stargazing at Blue Canyon. Members shared outstanding views of
                         galaxies, nebulae, planets and star clusters through several telescopes, including a 13" Dobsonian.

September 03   General Meeting     "Starry Night" Planetarium Software for Home Computers" by Charlie Barlow and Nina Mazzo
Dr. Charlie Barlow & Nina Mazzo presented a program entitled "Surfing the Night Skies" at OCL Fine Arts Room at
                         7pm. They demonstrated the wonders of our Solar System available on the Astronomy software program called
                         Starry Night. 

August 11        Moon Observing
Moon observing begins at dusk behind Orchard Creek Lodge. Telescopes and binoculars will be provided. To view 
                        photos of this successful event click

August 6         General Meeting    "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" by Seth Shostak   
                       The August  meeting of the Astronomy Group was held at the Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall.  Over 150  Lincoln
                       Hills residents heard Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute
                       (SETI), describe their fascinating program that looks to the far-reaches of the Universe for signs of intelligent life.
                       Forty two (42) radio telescopes have been installed at Hat Creek California, north of Mt. Lassen. This will be
                       expanded to 350 dishes in the coming years. This project has been ongoing for over 40 years and sponsored by various
                       organizations such as NASA, U.Cal. at Berkeley, Paul Allen of Microsoft and others. Click
here to read the article in
                       the Lincoln News Messenger about this meeting. Thanks to Carol Witten for writing the article.

July 4              No Meeting due to the Holiday

June 25           Star Party at Blue Canyon  
                       CANCELLED Site was being used by firefighters as a staging area.

June 11           Moon Observing
                       Moon observing began at at dusk behind Orchard Creek Lodge. Telescopes and binoculars were provided. Many 
                       LHAG members enjoyed a close-up view of the craters, mountains and  maria "seas of lava" along the
                       terminator of the 1st quarter moon. To view photos of this event click

June 4            General Meeting  "Your Space Program" by Don Wilson
Presently there are 71 active missions that you are funding through NASA. Don  discussed those missions that are of
                       interest to astronomy enthusiasts. 

May 7            General Meeting   "Planetary Rings" and Moon Observing by Tom Eason
                       Everybody is familiar with the beautiful rings of Saturn, but did you know that three other planets in the Solar System
                       have rings also? Tom described the rings of all four planets and how they were formed. Following the presentation, we
                       observed features on the 3-day old crescent moon.

April 2           General Meeting   "The Wondrous Sky" by Dave Wood
                       Dave presented a Gee-Whiz tour of the universe we live in. Exceptional images were shown and discussed including
                       the solar system, star birth (as seen in gaseous nebulae), star death (as seen in supernovae and Ring Nebula), star
                       clusters and galaxies.

April 10         "Moon Observing"
                       On March 11, our group met behind Orchard Creek to observe the 3 day old Moon. We saw several Mare ("seas" ) and
                       several distinctive craters. We enjoyed seeing bright diamond pinpoints of light in the dark area near the terminator as
                       the rising sun illuminated the tip top of several crater peaks. On April 10, we observed the famous Mare
                       Tranquillitatis, surrounding features and craters as well as locating the landing areas for Apollos 11 and 17.

March 5         General Meeting   "Our Place in the Universe" by Loel Thomas
                       Joel took us on a cosmic journey from our Sun past the Earth, past the Solar System, past the Milky Way, past the
                       Local Group of galaxies out to the edge of the universe. Along the way we examined star clusters, globular clusters,
                       various nebulae, other galaxies and the large structure of the Universe.

February 20    View the Eclipse of the Moon
                        An estimated 35 members and guests observed the Total Lunar Eclipse with us on February 20 behind Orchard Creek
                        Lodge. The reddish Moon, Saturn and other objects were viewed via naked-eye, binoculars and member-provided

February 6      General Meeting   "Searching for Extraterrestrial  Life" by Al Witten
                        How might we find extraterrestrial life? what does life require? Where can we look? Al provided insight into these
                        questions, and described the latest activities in the search for extraterrestrial life.

January            No Meeting due to the New Years holiday